Something about me…

The Padma Resort in happy place...

The Padma Resort in Bali…my happy place…

Tracey Hamill is a 30 something perky pony-tailed domestic diva who likes nothing better than to train for marathons in her spare time.

Sadly, none of that is true. Not even the Tracey Hamill part.

Except for the domestic diva bit- that part is true…mostly…sometimes…on a good day…with loud, daggy pop music to dance around the kitchen to.

You see, I was going to use a pseudonym- Tracey Hamill- for no reason other than to separate the genres that I write…but I discovered that I was too vain. So I’m going with my real name- even though only my mother ever calls me Joanne. For now, I’m stuck with the web address…

I spend my days commuting to an office where I wrangle data; my evenings pretending to be a domestic diva or blogging; and my weekends writing words.

In between I can often be found thinking about exercising, making rash declarations about healthy eating, dreaming of travel, and planning home renovations that rarely get past the painting stage- also accompanied by loud, daggy pop music.

Oh, and I like street art, have one tattoo that you’ll never see, and regularly update my bucket list.

And if you’re interested in a little star gazing, I write about all things astrological over at Jo Tracey Astrology and all things travel and tummy related over at And Anyways


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